Andrew is Proudly Endorsed By:

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"I support Andrew for State Representative because I believe in his vision for criminal justice reform and his activism within the 37th District Democrats for racial justice.

"Andrew Ashiofu would be a very effective representative for our district."

Larry Gossett,

Former Chair, King County Council


"It is more important than ever to elect leaders who are not afraid to advocate for policies that go beyond the maintenance of a status quo that continues to erode our rights and quality of life. I endorse Andrew Ashiofu because he is a bold leader with a unique experience and commitment to solutions that work for all of us."

Nicole Thomas Kennedy


"As an immigrant and member of the LGBTQ community, I can relate to Andrew's experience and my values align with his priorities to build a cohesive and resilient community for impacted individuals who lack access to resources. Andrew is forward thinking and will be a breath of fresh air with a bold perspective to create systemic changes to reduce institutional barriers."

Victor Loo,

Community Advocate & National Healthcare Leader


Carmen Rivera,

Renton City Councilmember


Chris Porter,

King Conservation District Board of Supervisors
Vice Chair

King County Young Dem.png

Young Democrats at the University of Washington


American Youth for Climate Action